Max Igor Muller: "Today nobody needs to buy a watch..."

...the watch or the jewellery is a part of their personal branding"

Max Igor Muller este administratorul Helvetansa si va fi prezent in cadrul Conferintei Femei in Afaceri, din 17 octombrie, la Bucuresti ca speaker in cadrul panelului axat pe Personal Branding. Ca parteneri media ai evenimentului, BusinessAge a realizat un interviu in exclusivitate cu Max Igor Muller pe care il redam integral.

BusinessAge: I see that you will speak in Personal Branding Pannel. Please explain our readers why personal branding is considered an instrument for selling.  

Max Igor Muller: Most of the people like to achieve some goals in their life. Today nobody needs to buy a watch, nearly everyone has his mobile phone where you can read time. So the watch became more an more a luxury accessory. Our customer select there watches according to their image, their personal style or their status. The watch or the jewellery is a part of their personal branding or image and this is very important for us as in this part we have to help our client to find the right product which fits to their image.

B.A. How can a person develop a favorable personal brand?

M.I.M.: By time, experiences, environment and his personal target. I mean that everybody from us has made a change in his personal branding. If you look 10 years back in time you had a other personal style than you have now and I hope this style you have today is better than 10 years ago. So for example if I compare this with our product we sell, than this person has bought a watch for 100 euro 10 years ago and today he can buy himself a watch for 10’000 euro.

B.A.: You represent Helvetansa in Romania. How is Romanian market for swiss watches? What is your selling company goal in 2013 and how you will achieve it?

M.I.M.: The Romania market is very important and I am always fascinated how passion the Romanian are about Swiss watches. So Helvetansas goal is the same as in the last 19 years, to bring this fascination and passion of watches and jewellery to our clients.

B.A.: Describe the most expensive watch in your company’s portofolio. What are its qualities and who is most probable to wear such a  watch?

M.I.M.:At the Moment we have a Vacheron Constantin American 1921 in our stock which is our most expensive piece. Vacheron is one of the oldest watch manufacture which developed his production to their perfection. They have a limited production of around 19’000 watches worldwide. All the element are handmade and also decorated and you have a real art piece watch when you have a watch like this.
Who can wear this watch? Everyone who can afford it..

B.A.: How would you describe romanian business environment?

M.I.M.: Challenging…….

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